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boys_in_suits's Journal

well suited boys
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Now he strolls through the city like a big ol' alley cat,
with his pinstripe suit and a big bad voodoo hat

We do love a cute boy in a good suit.
Know a cute boy in a good suit?
Are you a cute boy in a good suit?
Then Uncle Sam needs you! Well, this community does, anyway.

lets get the boring rules stuff out of the way...

Numbaaaah one
Play nice. Any out of line nastiness, or any racist, sexist, (or any other -ist behaviour) will result in you being banned from the community.

Numbaaaah two
lots of pics are fine, but place 'em behind a cut tag. Ditto for anything that involves nudity (though how you can be nude and wear a suit at the same time, Im not sure...) Not too sure what a cut tag is? Click here for more info.

Numbaaaah three
Speaking of. Your 'birthday suit' is not a suit. There are lots of other communities dedicated to that kind of stuff, take it elsewhere.

Numbaaaah four
Try and stay on topic. Any cross-posting or threads not relevant to the community will be deleted.

Numbaaaah five
This is about posting pics of boys in suits. This is not a ratings community. The whole idea is to bring the beauty of cute boys and cute suits to the LJ world. So show us what you've got! Have some bloody fun!

And that's about it. Rules subject to change when we feel like it.

Your mods? lillim and cold_echo. But you can call us ma'am.